Linux Mint 11 Image, Joli OS and Ubuntu Natty

New images released with Linux Mint 11. Linux Mint 11 is still heavier on the Joggler than Ubuntu, but may have a more familiar interface for some. It can also be slimmed down easily.

Joli OS and Ubuntu Natty are also updated. Updates include:

  • New EMGD v1.8 – xbmc now works without having to build against gl-es
  • Don’t ship squeezeplay by default, but add install script to install squeezeplay from birdlikewires (Thanks Roobarb!)
  • Updated packages to current versions – including latest xbmc with excellent Xeebo skin (Thanks Hitcher)
  • Ditch uncompressed btrfs version – the compressed works better and there seems little use case for the uncompressed currently compared to ext4.
  • Use 256MB swap by default. On a smaller memory stick, it makes more sense.

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