XBMC4Xbox 3.3 Beta 2 Released

Following on from Beta 1, Beta 2 is now ready for testing. Changes since 3.3 Beta 1 include

  • Skin / Navigation fixes
  • Some locale updates
  • Workaround for Exif orientation with jpeg-turbo code

One of the changes works around an issue with skins and upper-casing accented letters for non English languages. To workaround this we now include the main navigation strings capitalised (which is how XBMC mainline will handle it for the next release as they have similar problems on some platforms). Currently this has been done for English and Spanish. If you want to help fix this for your language, please open a thread over at the forum, and I will provide instructions. I may well automate a fix for other languages before the final 3.3 release.

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