Kernel/Package Rollups

Current images have been updated with kernel 3.2.53 as well as having all the distribution package rollups applied. There is also an improvement to the eth0 MAC address script which was not working correctly on the btrfs images before (I recommend using the EXT4 images anyway as most people seem to have better performance and reliability from them). The latest images include XBMC 12.3. When XBMC 13 is ready, it will be added to the repositories for those that want to upgrade.

You may have noticed I did not release a Xubuntu 13.04 or 13.10. I lack the time to work on new releases every 6 months, especially considering the number of distros being managed here. From now on I will concentrate on the LTS releases only. This update to Joli OS will be the last, as is no longer maintaining it as they are concentrating on their web/cloud based interface to social media. From now on I will concentrate on Xubuntu, the Ubuntu Base image, and may also do a Linux Mint LTS release later this year if there is demand.

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