RetroPie 3.0 beta 3 is released

RetroPie is a system to build / configure and launch emulators on the Raspberry Pi.

RetroPie 3.0 beta 3 has been released. Changes include:

  • Integrated controls for emulationstation / retroarch – on first start  emulationstation will ask for controls to be configured, and will then also configure retroarch based on your choices. Note there will be a delay after selecting OK whilst this is done – this will be improved later to give feedback so it doesn’t look as though ES has frozen.
  • New experimental modules/emulators: limelight (Networked game streamer for Steam), lr-tgbdual (gameboy color emu with link support), DXX-Rebirth port (Decent 1/2), lr-mednafen-wswan (Wonderswan emu), lr-mednagen-gbp (NeoGeo Pocket emu), uae4arm (Amiga emu), lr-fuse (ZX Spectrum emu), lr-caprice32 (Amstrad CPC emu), lr-gw (Game and Watch simulator). All modules prefixed with lr- are libretro cores for use
    with Retroarch.
  • New startup picture with new RetroPie logo.
  • Added additional ES theme “Color Pi”
  • Dosbox bug fixes / Ability to launch custom shell scripts.
  • Wifi configuration under RetroPie menu.
  • PS3 controller setup improvements
  • Various other fixes / improvements.

Pre-built images and further information are available from the RetroPie project website. For those who want to install on top of Raspbian – the system can be installed directly from the GitHub project, where you can also find a detailed list of changes.


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