RetroPie 3.8.1 is released

Retropie_SplashA few bugs slipped into RetroPie 3.8 – most notably the launch commandline for DOSBox/RPIx86 was wrong, causing it to not work when launching DOS games directly from Emulation Station. There was also a problem building the gamecon gpio driver. These issues have been fixed, along with some other changes.

NOTE: There are currently problems with the XBox/XBox 360 controller driver xboxdrv caused by a Raspbian kernel update. This can be worked around by rolling back the Kernel. More details can be found on the forum.

A RetroPie 3.8.1 image can be downloaded here:

Installation Instructions can be found here – Users of RetroPie v3.8 can upgrade to the latest version by following the upgrade instructions on the Wiki –

The Prebuilt images are also available directly from GitHub – You can also install RetroPie on top of an existing Raspbian set up – Instructions can be found at the GitHub project site.

Changes since 3.8:

  • Fix escaping in iniSet causing initial backslashes to be incorrect in ini files (Affected some +Start Scripts with spaces such as DOSBox).
  • Don’t overwrite existing configs when updating advmame.
  • SSelph’s scraper – Add option to set -append and -use_nointro_name=false flags.
  • Disable binary install on Wheezy.
  • Fix building of gamecondriver.
  • Correct Emulation Station autobooting configuration due to changes in raspi-config.
  • Added missing zip dependency for Solarus.
  • Fix c&p error with mupen64plus that broke the initial config generation.
  • Added new EmulationStation theme “material” from user lilbud.
  • Lr-nxengine – no error message was shown when required data files are missing.

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