Updates for all distributions

All distributions have been updated to include XBMC, the latest Squeezeplay and a build of mplayer (in /usr/local/bin) with VA-API support for hardware accelerated video playback. For this reason they are a little bigger, but it’s quite easy to slim them down by removing applications you don’t use.

XBMC comes preinstalled with the iPlayer plugin (http://code.google.com/p/xbmc-iplayerv2/ as well as a skin developed for the joggler that can be enabled from the settings. Please note that music visualisers are not currently working, so you will need to disable them from within xbmc if they have not already been.

If you already have the last version, you may wish to just install xbmc yourself from my Joggler PPA. Instructions to do this are on the relevant distribution pages.

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