Music Collection Updates

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

At the end of last year released v3.7 of its Atari SAP Music Archive bringing the collection to a total of 5016 tunes! ExoticA provides a mirror of the archive as well as a web interface for searching and browsing. This has now been updated, and can be used to stream the music as ogg or mp3 without the need for a specialised player.

We also run a mirror of the Modland music collection. Our mirror is now up to date again after Modland moved home, and some changes have been made to the web interface we offer for it, including switching to XMP for playback of some of the multichannel module formats. With this change some additional (mostly PC) tracker formats can now be streamed as ogg/mp3 including – Digibooster Pro, Digitrakker, Epic Megagames MASI, Farandole Composer, Graoumf Tracker, Imago Orpheus, Liquid Tracker, Multitracker, Octalyser, Polytracker, TCB Tracker, Ultratracker and X-Tracker. Note the support and accuracy of this can vary between tracker – further information regarding XMP can be found at These changes also affect the XBMC frontend – – which allows streaming of tunes from Modland direct to your HTPC. The Modland addon for XBMC is available from the official XBMC Repository.

UnExoticA had a small update back in January with the addition of the music from two recent Amiga games – Solid Gold and Putty Squad. Thanks to Codetapper for providing these rips.

Finally I would like to thank Ronaldvd for his many contributions to the wiki over the past couple of years, including important corrections, structural cleanups and improvements. You have made a massive difference, and your help is always appreciated. Cheers :)


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