Xubuntu for the O2 Joggler updated to v1.6

The O2 Joggler images of Xubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu Base have been updated to v1.6.

As well as Kernel and package roll-ups, this update now has OpenSSH enabled on the Xubuntu image (requested by users for easier access, as the Joggler only has a single external USB port). Make sure you change the default joggler password for security.

The f2fs image has now been dropped. The included 3.2.x backport of f2fs is very old, and last the f2fs image didn’t work – probably due to newer f2fs features that need disabling when creating the image.


  • Kernel 3.2.84
  • Package Rollups
  • OpenSSH enabled on the Xubuntu image

Downloads and instructions are found at https://jwills.co.uk/projects/joggler-xubuntu/

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