Update for Xubuntu / Ubuntu Base 14.04 for the O2 Joggler

Xubuntu 14.04 and the 14.04 Ubuntu base image have been updated. I have discontinued all the Joggler distros except this one now.

Changes from previous image:

  • Some package changes/pinning to fix some dependency issues
  • Includes Kodi 14.2 (With the Re-touched skin)
  • Kernel 3.2.69
  • Use r8168-dkms from Ubuntu repository
  • Package Rollups

Images and instructions are available here:


6 thoughts on “Update for Xubuntu / Ubuntu Base 14.04 for the O2 Joggler”

  1. I’ve been asked to put together a bootable USB stick for a friend’s Joggler and I’m going for your F2FS version, since we use the F2FS filesystem at work & I’m familiar with it. Since this is my first encounter with the Joggler I’m somewhat lost: can you point me at any instructions for making a bootable USB stick from your .img.tgz archives, please?

  2. Thanks, that answers all my questions! I hadn’t found that page – maybe you could include a link to it from the download page, or the blog post, each time you update the images (for which work, much thanks BTW)

    • Will do – I’ve only just moved the Joggler stuff to this site, which has only been online for a week or so and is still very much in development. Cheers.


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