Updates for Xubuntu / Ubuntu Base 14.04 for the O2 Joggler

o2jogglerThe O2 Joggler images of Xubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu Base have been updated. Along with package rollups, they now include the Linux kernel v3.2.74 and Kodi 15.2. For those that don’t want to start from a new image, Kodi 15.2 is available from my Joggler PPA and can be installed by doing sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install kodi from a terminal.


  • Kernel 3.2.74
  • Kodi 15.2
  • Package Rollups

Downloads and instructions are found at https://jwills.co.uk/projects/joggler-xubuntu/

6 thoughts on “Updates for Xubuntu / Ubuntu Base 14.04 for the O2 Joggler”

  1. Hi there. I have a gma500 based laptop (sony vaio P) that I have struggled to get working with Linux. Currently I have two installs, one of xubuntu 14.04 with EMGD where video acceleration and video out don’t work (but 3D acceleration does) and one of xubuntu 14.04 with the open source drivers where video out works but there is only 2D acceleration (but not very good 2D acceleration).

    I tried booting up your 12.04 image for the joggler and WOW – I have working 720p video playback! But due to your custom kernel it can’t see my wireless card, or even my hard drives, and I think it has no power management support as well?

    Can I just install a standard 3.2.74 kernel and modules to make everything work properly? Or will this break video support? If not could you share your kernel config/build instructions? Do you know what is disabled that has prevented my hard disks working? Cheers!

    • you could use a standard 3.2.x kernel – most of our patches are Joggler specific (backlight control / audio etc).

      Joggler kernel is on github – https://github.com/joolswills/linux/tree/joggler-v3.2

      Includes the kernel .config

      I disabled a lot of stuff that isn’t needed on the Joggler although sata was recently enabled but miss out the drivers you need. Wireless is included though – perhaps your card is missing, or you need a 3rd party driver.

  2. Hi There:

    I tried to telnet from my pc to the joggler. user:joggler pwd:joggler
    but it returned “network error, connection failed”
    what can I do now?

  3. hiya, is the backlight control working in 3.2.74-joggler1 for others?
    It’s very dim for me. I tried adjusting via both he gui slider and manually using /sys interface.

    Was fine on previous kernel I had (I think that was 3.2.58).

    I have actually not used the new image, rather built the kernel from source as I needed to enable a couple of other options, but other than that it is as downloaded from github.

    have all the dkms modules built and loaded too, tho don’t think are relevant to this.


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